Twins, Elektra and Miranda Kilbey are modern 70s dream girls making dream-pop for their band, Say Lou Lou. When their first single “Maybe You” was released, the cool Parisian record label, Kitsuné immediately picked it up. Say Lou Lou has been going strong ever since.

The duo’s unique Australian-Swedish heritage influences their sound. They take the down to earth vibes and raw performances from Australia, and blend it with Sweden’s electropop sound. On first listen, Say Lou Lou’s music is crisp and light, but on a deeper level it also reflects an ethereal darkness.

This contrast is also reflected in the twin’s look. They each embody a lightness and darkness, visually apparent in Miranda’s dark brunette and Elektra’s bright platinum hair. Like the super twins they are, each side comes together to form a complete whole.

We love how their style reflects a hazy summer day. See the images below for 70s inspired pantsuits, high-waisted jeans and cool camis. They’re the ultimate Camper girls!

Recommended listening: Maybe You, Hard for a Man, Julian, Blue on Blue and Peppermint.  Also, check out the music video for Games for Girls for some #CampContraband inspo!

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