CAMP Friends Forever: Alexa Chung + Tennessee Thomas

A best friend should be the one who builds you up and brings out your creativity. That’s why we love camper babe BFFs, Alexa Chung and Tennessee Thomas. Years ago, when Alexa was working at MTV, she interviewed Tennessee’s super cool girl band, The Like, and after realizing they both loved the 60s and rock n roll music, they became instant best friends and are inseparable! Here are 3 reasons why we think these gals are the coolest BFFS ever!

1. They love each other! If you follow either of these babes on Instagram (@tennesseebunny & @chungalexa) they’re always posting lovey dovey photos of the other one! They also make sure to check in with each other every day to see how the other’s day is going. Both Tennessee and Alexa live in the East Village in New York, and both of them say it’s weird if a day goes by where they don’t see each other.

2. They have the CUTEST style! Alexa and Tennesse are total fashion icons! To anyone that’s seen pictures of Tennessee or Alexa, it’s apparent that they are both inspired by the nostalgic styles of the 60’s and 70’s. Alexa has more of a tomboy camper look- pairing leopard prints with floral prints, and cutie sporty sneakers, while Tennessee is as mod as they come- always wearing fab babydoll dresses, saddle shoes, and knee high socks. Their knack for fashion has paid off too. Alexa has designed lines for Madewell, has a collab with Eyeko Cosmetics, so that every camper can do her signature cat eye, and recently came out with an amazing collab with AG jeans that’s super CAMP-y! (She even named a pair of overalls after her BFF Tennesee!) Tennessee has turned her love of the 60’s into her very own vintage store in New York called The Deep End Club. Walking into her store is like walking into a pop 60’s dream world!

3. They’re all about GIRL POWER! These power babes use their fame to change the world for the better! Both Alexa and Tennessee are serious activists for women’s rights – reminding us to always stand up for what you believe in! They aren’t afraid to publicize their opinions online and in their communities. Tennessee uses her store, The Deep End club as a political hub for protests she plans herself for important issues in New York City, such as the People’s Climate March.

Alexa Chung and Tennessee Thomas prove that us girls can do anything we set our minds to! Whether it’s being a drummer in a cool girl band, standing up for important rights, or being a fashion mogul- you can do anything you want to if you have a good BFF! Remember, CAMP Friends are Forever!
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