Repost this photo and tell us about your first kiss for a
chance to win a FREE Rydell High Ringer Tee!


Here’s how it works:

1. Repost this Block Party lookbook photo on your Instagram ^
2. In the caption, tell us about your silly, funny, or cutie story of your first kiss! 
3. Hashtag #campcollection #campblockparty
3. Tag @shopcamp
4. Win a FREE CAMP Rydell High ringer tee from the new collection, Block Party!
Winner will be announced Monday, February 15th!!
Quotes from the CAMP Staff…
“My first kiss was spin the bottle.”
“I had a jolly rancher in my mouth.”
“My mom chaperoned my middle school date to the movies…”
“I was chewing bubblegum.”
“He found out I stuffed my bra.”
Can’t wait to hear your first kiss stories! xo
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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