STAYCATION – Holiday’15


Stay inside. Bundle up in cozy 70s inspired sweatshirts, retro tees, and lounge worthy jumpsuits. Photographer: Heather Gildroy Model: Mackii Shaye Stylist: Chloe Chippendale Beauty: Melinda Love Steele SHOPCAMP.COM



Photographed by Shaun Daley | @shaun_daley | Tumblr Producer/Model: Lisa Dougherty Models: Sarah Kue & Katie Beasley Clothing: CAMP Collection    

CAMP Reunion ’76


CAMP Reunion ’76 Photographer: Heather Gildroy Stylist: Chloe Chippendale H/M: Sherri Celis Models: Rachel Brann, Rebecca Pagan, Katie Chavez, Carly Nolan, Mallory Valdez, Kelsey Norris, Erika Angel Shop the NEW Collection here x

Style Lessons with Debbie Harry


Since Blondie appeared on the scene in the 70s this has never been a debated fact: Debbie Harry is the ultimate cool. But how does she do it? We’ve broken down the key elements of her style below, so study up.  Cool slogan tees go with everything. Of course we’re partial to her “Camp Funtime” tee, but […]

70s Interiors


While we could go on and on about the music or fashion that we all love from the 1970s, we want to obsess over the lesser recognized subject of interiors! 70s style homes definitely house some of the most unique decorating ideas. The 60s were a very clean time for interior design, but during the 70s, […]

Roller Skatin’


Roller skating is our kind of dream sport. It’s filled with 70s vibes, sun-saturated colors, and cool clothes. It brings us back to the best kind of summer daze. Here in SF, the recent wave of balmy weather is getting us dreaming about when those days will be a reality. To those of you suffering […]