Style Lessons with Debbie Harry

Since Blondie appeared on the scene in the 70s this has never been a debated fact: Debbie Harry is the ultimate cool. But how does she do it? We’ve broken down the key elements of her style below, so study up.
  1.  Cool slogan tees go with everything. Of course we’re partial to her “Camp Funtime” tee, but “Vultures” and “Starliners 77″ place pretty high on the list of icons too. Check out our Camp Staff Ringer Tee or Summer Daze Ringer Tee
  2. Double denim is the ultimate cool look. Go all out Canadian Tuxedo and top your Levi’s off with a denim jacket. For extra inspiration check out our Pinterest board Denim Everything.
  3. Black wayfarers. Enough said.
  4. Kick it with the boys.
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