Wes Anderson's World

By: H.Frenette

Just about everything Wes Anderson touches turns to gold, or at least the perfect shade of vintage yellow. His films encompass the most complimentary color palettes, the scenes are always arranged just so, not a picture frame or a book shelf out of its seemingly effortless place, and the characters idiosyncrasies are embellished just enough to make them endearing. In short, Anderson creates places we want to go, people we want to hang out with and a world we want to live in.

His movies have an immediately recognizable style, and so do the characters. Almost everyone remembers Margot Tennenbaum’s floor length mink coat and black eyeliner, or Steve Zissou’s bright red beanie and blue shirt. Even if one of his characters is on the brink of a dysfunctional or humorous moment, clad in nothing by tighty- whitey’s and coon skin cap, you can bet they still look iconic as hell.

People in Anderson’s world prepare for a week in the woods or a month in the dessert the same way one would prepare for a walk in the park- with a fabulous outfit and a quickly packed beautiful leather suitcase, full of novelty items sure to entertain even the most worldly traveler. And who wouldn’t want to live that way?


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