Voodoo Fest


By L. Twisselman Want to take a wild and wacky post Halloween road trip to the heart of the south for a music festival you’ll never forget?  Voodoo Music Festival, in New Orleans, has been creating a wild music experience since 1999.  The three day festival hosts nationally recognized artists as well as local New […]

Postcard love.


By L.Berry Here at CAMP, we’ve got some serious affection for snail mail. If you haven’t read our previous ode to USPS here, we’ve returned to discuss another form of mail that we love: The postcard. Sure, they have been known to induce a serious case of FOMO, or fear of missing out, but you’re […]

Stranded At the Dr..


By R.C. Patrizio The Drive-in movie theatre is embedded in the American consciousness as the birthplace of cool. Where else can a cowgirl tether up her mare and saunter into the concessions stand for a bucket of popcorn? And it’s only there that you, CAMP girl of 2013, can roll up with your top down […]



Birkenstocks.  They’re back and we/our feet couldn’t be happier. Making their way out of the woods and onto the runway, these seriously comfy sandals are feeling the loving embrace of high fashion—not just the hippies. Although we can now find them adorned with jewels and fur, we still love the classic look of the 2-strap […]

The Beat Generatio..

Jack Kerouac On The Radio

By H.Frenette By the late 1950s, the beat generation had already made a name for itself and garnered a stereotype in pop culture. The beats in the movies were often apathetic, atheist, bongo playing, turtleneck wearing, underwhelmed writer, usually fed up with society and life in the suburbs. And although the stereotype has a twinge […]

Holi- Festival of ..


As we prepare for winter hibernation, spring seems to be calling our name whispering, “Campers, prepare for Holi!” The Hindu Festival of Colors is the perfect place to say so long winter and hello spring. With festivities from bonfires and dancing to throwing neon powder on smiling strangers, Holi is the place to be if […]