Dana Trippe


Take a trip with Dana Trippe: 20 year old photographer, Dana Trippe, is stuck in the 70s. Self proclaimed lover, Dana resides in San Diego where she takes pictures of her babealicious friends. She shoots mainly in film, which gives her photos a timeless vintage feel. Using mirrors in innovative ways, shooting through fishbowls, and […]

Vintage Nat Geo


Vintage National Geographics are filled with amazing style inspiration, gorgeous images and happy Camper vibes. These lifestyle & nature photos could pass as fashion magazines. The iconic style of photography reflects such a visually beautiful era and sets us dreaming. We love the bright colors, and unique old fashioned, grainy film look. As great as […]

Jacob’s Well, TX


If you’re ever heading down Austin way on a road trip, or if you’re lucky enough to already live in the Lone Star State, a visit to Wimberley is in order! Wimberley is less than an hour away from Austin, and flowing from the bed of Cypress Creek you’ll find the gem that is Jacob’s […]

Dog Town and Z-Girls


Skateboarding was born in California in the mid 1960s. It started as “sidewalk surfing” and the first skateboarders did it barefoot! Some of these early sidewalk surfers were surfer girls who wanted to join in the fun that they saw all the boys having. We love the boldness and bravery of young girls joining into […]

Jim Denevan


Using earth’s natural gifts: sand, ice and soil as his canvas, Santa Cruz based artist, Jim Denevan, creates massive scale drawings in an incredible way. His “brushes” are his feet, rakes, and trucks- depending on the size of the work. His integration with the earth on such a large scale allows you to interact and literally […]

Ski the Desert Dunes

The Namib Desert, which means “vast place” in the local language, is definitely vast with wonder. It spreads from Angola, through Namibia to South Africa, and creates a bold image as it runs along the sea. The Desert’s famous dunes are home to one of the most interesting sports–sand dune skiing. The sport of dune skiing […]