Road Trip Essentials

By M.Siggard

     Road trips cover a lot of time and land in a small confined space. The car can become heaven or your own personal hell. To make sure you find nirvana even when it’s your turn to sit “bitch”(sandwiched between your friends in the back middle seat), we have a few essentials to add to your packing list besides the obvious: car phone chargers, the perfect road trip playlist, and sunglasses. Comfort is always a priority, and to create your own personal oasis in the chaos of adventure, you will need to bring your favorite pillow and blanket or sleeping bag. Be prepared to sleep anywhere, even the grimiest of motels can feel cozy with your own sleep essentials. Next, don’t forget to stock up on some healthy snacks, think nuts or dried fruit. Your stomach will thank you later. Now that you are comfortable you can begin to document your adventure. Buy some cheap disposable cameras at your local drug store before hitting the road. Take a moment to stop, stretch your legs, and strike a pose with that dinosaur statue in the middle of nowhere. Disposables are cheap, easy, and can produce beautiful film photos with the right lighting and composition. And don’t forget a notebook and pen to journal, doodle, or play lemons when inspiration strikes. But most importantly, go with the flow. Give yourself time to explore new places and things. And on that note, learn to love country music. It is your friend not your enemy. Just let the dusty road melt your hearts together while sunbeams kiss you goodnight, giving way to starlight.

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