As soon as the sun stays out for more than a few hours at a time over here, we can’t help but dream about the Best Summer Ever we’re about to have. One of our warm weather musts is definitely picnicking, aka the best way to spend a lazy day relaxing in the sun with friends! From clothing to food, we’re here to give you a quick guide to picnicking Camper style.

Part 1: Dress

Campers are always casual cute and ready for adventure. Faded jeans are a classic that look cool with anything…Don’t forget your retro sunnies, plaid, or printed tee and you’re set to go!

Part 2: Location

Picnicking near water is always a favorite, whether it’s a river, lake, or ocean. Head down to your local waterhole, or take a trip and discover someplace new!

If you’re not nearby a ton of nature, never fear; urban picnics are just as fun! Adventure to a local park, or find a good rooftop with a view of the city.

In the SF area, we love Strawberry Hill, Alamo Square, Dolores Park, the Marin Headlands and the Russian River.

 Part 3: Food & Drink

For picnicking, it’s always fun to go all out vintage America. Watermelon, crackers & cheese, and tiny sandwiches are picnic staples. Plus, you can never go wrong with ice cream or popsicles if you’re not walking too far. Coca-Cola in glass bottles, champagne, or really anything sparkling adds a fun touch of sophistication.

Picnic potluck style, and you’ll have a fun eclectic mix. Things that don’t require plates or silverware, and are easy to carry work well (and create less waste). The easier you keep it, the more fun you’ll have!

Part 4: Accessories

A classic wicker picnic basket is well, classic. A vintage quilt or colorful point blanket serves the practical function of keeping everything off the ground, as well as an aesthetic purpose. Music, either from a portable record player or speakers, always makes any time better. Classics like Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, Françoise Hardy, and Blondie are our picnic go-tos. Bring a polaroid or disposable and snap some pics!

Take a look below for some picnic inspiration from the best….

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