Girl Crush: Petra Collins

Petra Collins is a total CAMP girl. She’s a confident creative who’s not
afraid to take up her space in the world. Her 70s influenced style (think
perfectly faded Levis, plaid skirts, and crop tops) reflect the comfortable
all around cool girl she is. Starting with photographing her teenage
years, Petra has expanded into a vast array of media. All of her work,
whether it be film, photography, or even neon signage, conveys a dreamy nostalgia that is
uniquely Petra. She’s leading a resurgence of a new wave of feminism that
doesn’t follow a guidebook. This new wave she depicts is filled with
femininity and girls who are multifaceted and beautiful in their rawness…

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Luckily, for those of you who live in our hometown of San Francisco, Petra
just curated a show titled *Comforter *to open the SFAQ [Project] Space*.
According to Petra it’s an exploration by various artists on the theme of
our relationship with, and the duality of home and sanctuary. It’s filled
with subversively sweet images of teenage girlhood, like flowers in clay
prescription bottles, quilts of journal entries, and a neon sign with a
backdrop of illustrated wallpaper. Each piece is filled with a variety of
subtle details, so as you wander around really stop and take a closer look
at each piece. ‘Comforter’ runs from now until April 11th at SFAQ [Project]
Space, located at 449 O’Farrell. We definitely recommend that you make it
down and see it in person!


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