Field Day

☀️FIELD DAY☀️ Fall 2016 has arrived! Time to head back to school, pass notes in the halls, crush on your lab partner & try out for your favorite sports teams! Run, don’t walk! #CampFieldDay #CampCollection

Photographer: Graham Dunn

Models: Eddie Mitsou, Rachel Brann, Danielle Alcaraz

Styling: Chloe Chippendale

Camp-47 Camp-46 Camp-44 Camp-43 Camp-42 Camp-41 Camp-39 Camp-37 Camp-36 Camp-35 Camp-33 Camp-32 Camp-31 Camp-30 Camp-29 Camp-28 Camp-27 Camp-26 Camp-23 Camp-22 Camp-21 Camp-20 Camp-19 Camp-18 Camp-16 Camp-13 Camp-12 Camp-10 Camp-9 Camp-8 Camp-7 Camp-6 Camp-5 Camp-4 Camp-3 Camp-2 Camp-1

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