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Festival season is finally upon us, commencing with the anticipated Coachella Music and Arts Festival that is just hours from kicking off.  With its line up of feel-good music, and funky fresh fashion there are endless possibilities of making memories with friends.

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For some, this weekend may be the first time you’ll ever be walking through the gates that will transport you into the magical world known as Coachella, and if this is you, you will be overtaken with the thrilling exposure of the culture, fashion, music and experience that are music festivals. Last year this was true for us and as cheesy as it sounds, it was a life changing experience and only makes us want to go to as many festivals as possible, even though we are sadly unable to make it back to the desert this year. For those who are able to venture to the desert, appreciate this unique experience, for these upcoming three days will be jam packing artists you’ve been dying to see. There is a lot to expect, and even if you’re a seasoned veteran to this experience, the fact you’re going again to make more memories is awesome! Another one for books…Yay!

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This is the time to let loose and have a good time! Anything goes, so let your imagination run wild and let the festival grounds act as your playground. When going to festival events, do not be afraid to express yourself with clothing that reflects the rad individual you are. Do not be afraid to step outside of your usual aesthetic. A major tip for events as grand as Coachella is to keep in mind to dress somewhat for comfort, for the days are long and hot so make sure to also stay hydrated – as we had an incident with the health tent because of this last year. One way I (Marley) think you can achieve this is to piece together a comfy top from Shop Camp with other retro and vintage items, such as: cut off levi denim shorts or vintage athletic or cotton shorts. Go punk, or hippie-chic, or anywhere in between, just be sure to rock your own style. Be bad-ass from the second you leave your hotel to the time you knock out from dancing the night away.

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First off, going to festivals takes a lot of planning, and most likely you have been planning for weeks in advance. Starting from the moment you decided to purchase your tickets, to choosing your accompanying groovy festival goers, to where’d you be camping out those electric nights, to what you’ll be wearing, to then deciding what artists on the lineup everyone in your group is set on seeing–this is why gathering in the desert occurs in the first place– one can see there is a lot people have to do beforehand. What may have slipped your mind in the process is the importance of establishing and enjoying your jammin’ playlist in the days of preparation leading up to the festival! Creating a playlist allows you to discover other artists on the lineup that you may have otherwise overlooked, or some other boppin tunes to listen to while you and all the squad are en route to the ground.

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Music, for myself (Coral) personally is all about the vibes they give off depending on my mood. This along with good beats or melody mixed with the lyrics act as my holy trinity for falling in love with songs, which I am always on the hunt to discover more of. I want the music I listen to to take me into a different world, where I am lost in my thoughts and daydreams. The majority of my my music taste stems from the positively vibed, music oriented household I grew up in. Utilizing as many resources around myself as possible, from discovering new tunes while hanging out with friends and family, scouring the internet, from unknown openers at concerts, to festivals, I am always on the hunt for music.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Weekend 2 Coachella 2016

Music is always the answer, so there’s no better time than now to freshen up your playlist and expand your music banks with some cool new sounds. It’s always awesome to find a link of similar artists whose sounds you 4like! And who knows, these artists may lead you to another amazing festival or concert experience! Music is a part of everyone’s lives, and it has the power to generate feelings, elicit memories, and explain thoughts otherwise we could not otherwise put into words ourselves. So we’re here to get you a rockin’ playlist to get you in mood for festival season, and help you remember the good times long after the festival gates have closed until next season.

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Make sure to check out the Spotify playlist we created to get you started, and have fun this festival season campers, for adventure awaits!

Photographed and Written by: Coral Hale and Marley Hale


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